Acorn Archimedes Emulator

What is ArcEm?

ArcEm is a portable open-source emulator for the Acorn Archimedes. It's capable of running multiple operating systems including RISC OS and ARM Linux.

ArcEm runs on:

If you're interested in helping the project, check out the developer page.


18th December 2015 – ArcEm 1.50.1 release for RISC OS
This is just a maintenance release for the RISC OS version of ArcEm. There are only two notable changes compared to 1.50:
  • The released binary has been compiled with GCC 4.7.4, eliminating a null pointer deference bug that was present with the previous version of GCC/UnixLib
  • Support has been added for the new screen modes introduced with RISC OS 5.21 (e.g. 64k colour modes and red/blue swapped modes), improving compatibility with new machines

Grab the new version now from the SourceForge project files page.

16th December 2012 – ArcEm 1.50 release
The full ArcEm 1.50 release is now available for RISC OS, Windows, Mac OS X, and Amiga OS – get it here. The source code is available and can be built for Unix-like platforms.
21st October 2012 – 1.50 alpha 2 for RISC OS
An updated alpha build has been released for RISC OS – get it here. This version has improved error reporting, fixes to the tweak menu, and will run correctly on the Raspberry Pi.
23rd July 2012 – ArcEm 1.50 alpha release
A new alpha build – ArcEm 1.50 alpha – is now available for AmigaOS 3, AmigaOS 4, Mac OS X, RISC OS, and Windows.
11th June 2012 – ArcEm still going
May 2012 saw a push of a large number of updates, significant performance improvements from Jeffrey Lee.


New in ArcEm 1.50

ArcEm 1.00



Remember to check the User Manual for installation and compilation information. Our downloads are available from SourceForge:

Source code is in CVS:

Various builds of ArcEm are also available from 3rd party sources:

Support Files

FileDownload Size Harddrive shape (see User Manual)
Blank RISC OS formatted 800KB Floppy Disc Image1.1KB 
RISC OS disc with !HForm on, the hard disc formatter14k 
Blank RISC OS formated 20MB Hard Drive Image40KB612 cylinders 4 heads 32 sectors 256 record size
Blank RISC OS formated 64MB Hard Drive Image65KB1024 cylinders 8 heads 32 sectors 256 record size
A 64MB RISC OS Hard Drive Image Loaded with programs Coming Soon!1024 cylinders 8 heads 32 sectors 256 record size
ARMLinux Rom Image335KB2.2 Kernel
ARMLinux ext2 formated 20MB Hard Drive Image, with skeleton Linux distribution.3.4MB612 cylinders 4 heads 32 sectors 256 record size

Having Problems?


Please have a read through the User manual, to see if it answers your questions.

Mailing list

Join the user mailing list, arcem-user, and ask a question there, or check the archives to see if anyone else has had the same problem.

Reporting bugs

ArcEm uses SourceForge's bug tracking system, you can enter a bug report here.