Acorn Archimedes Emulator

Developer Information

This page gathers information for people interested in helping with the development of ArcEm.

Aims and Future plans

Here are a few things we're looking to work on in the future, if you're interested in helping with any of these, drop us a line on the developer mailing list

Developer Resources

Compilation Instructions

The User Manual contains a section on how to compile each platforms version.

SourceForge Project Page

The SourceForge Project Page contains many useful pages, including the Bug Tracker, List of releases, CVS access information and a source code viewer.

Developer Mailing list

Want to keep up to date with new features being added? Want to help out? Join the developer mailing list, arcem-devel, and speak directly to those involved. You can also read through the archive of messages.

CVS Mailing list

You can also join the CVS commits mailing list, arcem-cvs, to keep track of changes.

Datasheet Archive

A collection of datasheets and technical information on the Archimedes and later hardware has been collected together. Please have a look at the wanted list and see if you can contribute.

Feature Matrix

This is a table of what features are supported on which platform based on the current state of the CVS HEAD.

  X Windows MS Windows Mac OS X RISC OS Amiga
HostFS Y Y Y Y Y
Gfx > 800x600 Y N N Y Y
Sound Support Y [1] N N Y Y [2]
Mousewheel Support Y Y N N Y

[1] - Requires pthread library and OSS sound API.
[2] - Requires ahi-handler